College of International Transport and Logistics (CITL)

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CITL Vision

Our vision is to be the leading institution in the Arab and African world dedicated to providing a proper and distinctive educational environment in international transport and logistics.

CITL Mission

College of International Transport and Logistics (CITL) offers exceptional undergraduate and graduate education and academic research opportunities in the fields of transport, supply chain management and international trade logistics to students seeking a unique learning experience.

CITL is committed to supporting its graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to cope with the real world and to contribute to their society with excellence.

CITL strives to establish partnerships with Arab and international manufacturing and service sectors and provides professional consultancy and research projects to achieve its mission of integrating academics and community serving.

دليل الارشاد الاكاديمي // CITL Timetables // خطوات الأرشاد

خطوات التسجيل على المودل (شرح بالصور) شرح مفصل

فيديو خطوات التسجيل على المول  أضغط هنا


The College of International Transport and Logistics is committed to qualifying graduates equipped with the knowledge and skills to become effective recruits and leaders in the fields of transport, logistics and supply chain management nationally and internationally. CITL is also committed to serving the Arab and international communities of the manufacturing as well as the service industries through the provision of professional support and consultancy services.


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